About Us

VERITAS (INDIA) LIMITED (VIL) is focused on International Trade & Distribution of Chemicals - Petrochemicals / Polymers / Paper & Paper Boards / Rubber / Heavy Distillates. A brief perspective hereunder will provide a better understanding of our business model.

VIL believes in one constant i.e. Change; Change through Evolution. We have evolved our business model from trading to services to International Trade & Distribution, to present day business model, we refer to as "Enterprise Partnership".

VIL enjoys prominent market presence in each of the key industry verticals and has several successful business associations with both, its national and international long term partners. Our business is a healthy balance between the independence of each industry vertical and geographical location rather than over dependence of any one single industry / location.

It is our belief that commitment and principles are the foundation of a solid business and we have always adhered to the same and never compromised on ethics. This we believe has been the key to our consistent growth & success.

Our Business Verticals partner you in value creation by capitalizing on our domain expertise:

About Us

India is a vast reservoir of intellectual capital drawn from various business domains. Head–quartered in Mumbai, we seamlessly integrate resources, talent and expertise to develop new business ideas and ventures.